Parking Guidance System

Lot Spot uses cutting edge computer vision and machine learning algorithms to track parking and transportation data.

Lot Spot detects and tracks vehicles at up to 95% accuracy - 15% higher than industry standards.

Lot Spot offers a modern and sleek mobile application to get your drivers where
they need to be before they even leave to their destination.

We pair our data with a dashboard that gives you a holistic view of your parking operations,
making understanding the details a breeze.

With a full suite of APIs, we give you the power to plug Lot Spot data into any 3rd party
application - allowing you to customize the data we provide.

Dedicated support means you never have to worry about issues or concerns. Our support
ticketing system makes it easy and fast for you to request help.

Unlike most solutions, Lot Spot's hardware is in the air and away from the
road, which means it will never inhibit traffic flow.

Our algorithm is built with machine learning - which means it is always getting
smarter and more accurate.

We average 30% the cost of other solutions - paired with our top tier accuracy and full suite of products,
we pride ourselves in being the best solution available for the price.

Hidden data... revealed.

Understanding your parking and traffic data is key to efficient parking, happy customers, expanding infrastructure, and impressing your lessees.


Lot Spot uses one camera to generate a suite of products that help you and your visitors understand parking.

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Get the most out of your data with the Lot Spot Dashboard. Run reports,
view a variety of metrics, and understand your parking and visitors.

Make your visitors happy by showing them where to park before they
even leave to your destination.

Easily integrate your parking data into any 3rd party application or on
your website - giving you the freedom to be creative.

Show visitors who do not have the mobile application where to park
as they arrive at your location.


Inner-city traffic can be reduced by 30% with efficient parking. Show your residents and visitors where to park while understanding traffic.


Gain valuable insights on parking and visitor data. Capture and retain lessees, make visitors happy, and understand when to expand.


The #1 complaint by students nationwide is parking - ease that frustration by showing them where to park.

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